Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watch Your RIER!

My vision: to encourage investing early, helping me become financially independent sooner.

I believe there are 4 elements to learn, that will allow for great financial freedom.  To help me remember these, I just think to myself.. "REIR."

1-Reduce Spending.
2-Eliminate Debt.
4-Reward Yourself.

Every decision I make involves all 4 of these elements.  Every dollar I can save today, can be something much more valuable in the future.  I recommend getting a copy of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover for a much more detailed approach to financial freedom.


  1. I see Reward Yourself is last. Are these in descending order of importance?

  2. No, I feel these should all be balanced. Don't over-focus on one element and forget the rest. If you get a small raise at work, pay off a small debt, or even find a way to save money every month on a bill, you need to reward yourself. Even if its something as simple as eating at your favorite restaurant to celebrate.

  3. I really like that, REIR. That is a great idea and acronym.