Saturday, March 22, 2014

Milestone Reached: Student Loan and Medical Debt paid Off!

Things have been slow and steady lately.  I've been focusing on paying off debt while I work on things around the house.  This month I finally made the last payment on my student loan and medical debts.  This is a huge accomplishment.  Saving me about 300 bucks a month!

I will now focus on paying off "Victorian House 1."  Luckily this has the lowest balance and highest interest rate.  I plan on having this done by mid 2015.  Whats exciting here is my passive income by then will outweigh my bills and I could retire if I choose.

As it stands, 89% of my monthly expenses are covered by passive investing activities.  This is a very good situation to be in my late 20s.

I appreciate everyone's support with this blog, and want to the everyone for following up on my comments that I throw on other blogs =P.  The online savvy investor community has been a great motivator for me, and a great way for me to engage other people with the common interest of being financially independent.  Most folks I run into on a daily basis don't have the same financial goals.