The Dividend Investing Portfolio

The dividend investing portfolio was recently reset due to the transition of capital from the markets to my real-estate portfolio.  Here is a summary of my holdings:


A balanced portfolio should have investments in the stock market.   This can be difficult because there are many styles of trading, and thousands of stocks to choose from.

When companies offer dividends, these are collected and re-invested in hopes of additional gains in the future.  With the power of compounding, this can have amazing success.  Having a full time day job makes day trading impossible.  The alternative is long term investing.  Historically, with this style of investing, stocks paying dividends have provided greater returns than those that didn't!

The Dividend Portfolio will offer insight to my dividend choices and earnings.  Specific Companies, topics and distributions will be open for discussion.  These will, for the most part, be long term holdings.


  1. Hi, Its looking good like you said its small right now but I like your style pay down the debt first. Its the best feeling once that is complete. I like WMT and PER, I don't know to much about RSO (the div is large at first glance as long as it is stable it should be ok). I will be following I just started a blog as well. Look forward for future updates.

    1. Sheldon thanks for stopping by. Yes RSO is pretty risky, but has provided me with high yields for several years now. I have 2 pros and 2 cons with owning this stock.
      Cons = The second interest rates rise this stock will most likely tank, and one cent change in stock price for me swings my balance about 5 bucks either direction, sometimes its frustrating.
      Pros = I have learned the power of averaging down on my investment, and DRIP. Also, my quarterly dividends outweigh my monthly purchases =). Holding this for the moment paves the way for my more stable purchases.

    2. Wanted to provide an update here : sold RSO in late 2015 and rolled the funds and not PCEF and PFF, this shift provided more portfolio stability at a slight decrease in monthly income. I felt at the time it was worth the slash in risk. RSO eventually performed a reverse-split to artificially drive its share prices back up,and has done nothing but depreciate in value and slash its dividend dead payments.