Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2014 Update

Its been a few months since I published my last post.  The daily job has been very demanding and time-consuming.  As you can see from my tomato garden above, I am behind on work around the house.

As a result of paying off my student loans and further reducing monthly expenses, I have initiated more positions in the stock market.  With the market being over-valued in general, I only plan to use these positions as a place to park cash until I purchase the next rental property.

Here is a monthly passive income snapshot:

Average Monthly Dividends = $184.71
Average Monthly Real Estate Cashflow = $613
Average Monthly Lending = $9
Total Monthly Income = $806.71

If things go as projected, I should be purchasing an additional rental house during 2015 with cash.  I expect average monthly dividends to drop by 80%, while increasing rental cashflow by about $400.  This will be the tipping point for my investing adventure, as this would represent the point where passive income will cover all monthly expenses, and then some!