Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Invest - REIR Step 3

The third step of my strategy, and focus of my blog is to invest.

Simply put, investing means purchasing something offering potential profitable returns.  Since there are so many strategies and approaches to investing, throughout this blog I will explain what works for me, and I'll encourage you to research and find whats right for you.

When I invest there are 2 points that I want to make.

I. The earlier you start your portfolio, the better.  This is backed by the idea of 'compounding.'  In which your investment gains will get future gains and this huge snowball builds up over time in your favor.

II. All of my strategies are based on passive activity.  I believe money has to potential to work harder than a human ever will.  Plus, there is nothing cooler than seeing your accounts grow as you do nothing but enjoy yourself, and the finer things in life!

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