Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reduce Spending with food savings - REIR Step 1

Reduce Spending, Save Green (food savings)!

This is the foundation for my personal strategy.  I found that the biggest reason for not investing is the fact that I don't have the extra cash.... I have found a few ways to do this without starving my family or having my electricity shut off.

I.Food Savings
-Make lunch at home and bring it to work!  Compared to local fast food restaurants groceries are very cheap.  Remember to keep your lunch simple and healthy to include soups, sandwiches and basic fruits.  If you get frozen convenience type meals you will be paying several dollars per meal.

-If you insist on eating out, eat at a buffet style restaurant and order a water... Including taxes, I can eat at the local Cici's or Ryan's for $5.40.   They advertise all you can eat for 5 bucks, but fail to mention that ordering a soda will run you an additional $2.15 after taxes...

-If you live in an area with a lot of grocery competition, I would try utilizing coupons.  Personally I do not shop with coupons since my local grocery stores do not accept double-coupons... I focus on cost/ounce ratio when I shop, always grabbing whatever is the lowest.  The 'brand' might not be as good, but you'll learn to enjoy the cheapest brand at the same time you enjoy saving money.

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