Friday, March 1, 2013

Dividend Investing - Month 12

With a new month starting, I get the chance to see how the new average monthly dividend is coming along.  It looks like the portfolio is now averaging $63.27 monthly!  Compared to month 11, I'm noting an 11.56% increase! 

Since new purchases occur in $500 intervals, the $63.27 will really help make it easier for me to accumulate the capital needed for future purchases. 

The increase in the dividend was the result of WMT increasing their dividend by 20%, and my switch from UHT to PER

One thing I never mentioned on my post about the stock switch is the fact that an initial $500 investment grew over the last year and now results in about $100 annual dividend payment.  PER may be a risky oil play for many individual investors, but when I factor in my yield on cost with the original UHT investment, I'm getting over 20% for my money now.

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