Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This morning I initiated a quick trade.  UHT was sold for 55.80 per share, the realized gain plus initial investment was then rolled into additional shares of PER.

UHT is basically a healthcare REIT that focuses on hospitals and medical facilities.  UHT has been significantly overvalued in my opinion.  I first got the shares at the beginning of 2012 for 42$ and had a yield just shy of 6%.  Now, a year later the company has not changed at all really.  Small dividend increases with little to no growth in sight.

I made this trade for a couple reasons.  The first is the fact that RSO, being the aggressive REIT that it is, already occupies a good portion of my portfolio.  I wanted to start cutting back on REITs to prepare for interest rate hikes in the years to come.

The other reason for the trade is PER has been my biggest loser of the portfolio so far, and I felt like now is a good time to cost-average down my shares (even though I just missed the ex-div date - lol).  PER is a royalty trust in the Permian Basin by parent company Sandridge Energy.  The parent company is poorly ran in my opinion, and its other 2 royalty trusts, SDR and SDT have too much natural gas production at this time to generate profits.  The trust expires in March 2031.


  1. Do you have a public listing of your holdings that I am missing or they being kept private? If they are I cannot blame you and understand, just want to be sure I am not missing something.

    1. Your not missing anything lol. I don't have a public listing yet of holdings yet. I will post one very shortly to enhance transparency

    2. RSO,WMT,PER,AFL,CVX,TCAP,NSC,INTC,NRP,PSEC,TGH,ARR are the current holdings.

    3. Nice you are already in PSEC. Yeah I am not sure if I am quite ready to sell TCAP before their earnings this week. Course with where the S&P is headed maybe I should.