Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Big Financial Picture

I created a new tab up top Titled: My Big Financial Picture.  This is something I will update monthly as I update my Net Worth spreadsheets on the side. 

I started developing my own REIR strategy to help me make better financial decisions in life.  The E stands for "Eliminate Debt."  My debt level is something I always monitor and try to reduce every chance I get.  Last year I spent $9519.16 in interest.  This may or may not sound like a lot to you... But when I look at how little I make from my current day job this 9k+ is huge to me!

Dave Ramsey says the "Pinnacle" of your financial life is the point where your passive income surpasses your expenses.  This is the ultimate point where you can quit your job and let your passive activities pay your bills for you.  I always track my passive income versus my expenses to see how I have been trending over time.  On my new tab I track it 2 ways because my rental expenses seem to throw things off when figuring this out.

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