Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2014 Update

Its been a few months since I published my last post.  The daily job has been very demanding and time-consuming.  As you can see from my tomato garden above, I am behind on work around the house.

As a result of paying off my student loans and further reducing monthly expenses, I have initiated more positions in the stock market.  With the market being over-valued in general, I only plan to use these positions as a place to park cash until I purchase the next rental property.

Here is a monthly passive income snapshot:

Average Monthly Dividends = $184.71
Average Monthly Real Estate Cashflow = $613
Average Monthly Lending = $9
Total Monthly Income = $806.71

If things go as projected, I should be purchasing an additional rental house during 2015 with cash.  I expect average monthly dividends to drop by 80%, while increasing rental cashflow by about $400.  This will be the tipping point for my investing adventure, as this would represent the point where passive income will cover all monthly expenses, and then some!


  1. Work does get in the way that is for sure. I currently use public transit, so that adds to my time related to work. Get up at 515am and get home at 415pm. Which is 11 hours to work 8 hours..

    Do you plan on to keep working once you buy the next property to have a bigger gap between income and expenses?

  2. Investing Pursuits, thanks for stopping by. I do plan to continue my day job after the next property joins the rental portfolio. I'd really like to have all properties paid off before I announced my early retirement. Not only would my bills be covered, but I would have enough passive income to continue investing activities.

    Generally speaking public transit is more cost-efficient than driving your own vehicle (plus the time travelling you can use your phone or read etc, whereas driving your just only able to drive). I would take advantage of it, if it was available in my area.

  3. Thanks for sharing your most recent updates with us. Where are you planning to buy your rental income property? Look forward to your next update.

    1. Thanks for the comment Keith. All of my rental properties are in east Texas. Eventually I would like to diversify my rental portfolio and get property in Dallas or Austin, or even another state!